Ok, I know i'm not the only one, but here's my situation.... ;)

ESX3.0.2 hosting my ZCM server, 10.0.2 on linux SLES10sp1
when doing multicast FROM the server to a physical PC, it runs slow,
like 80mins to restore an image.
If I do multicast with a physical PC set as the master, and a physical
client (bypassing the server), it goes fast, as 8mins.
If I boot a virtual PC, and do the same, it's fast (7mins)

as soon as I push the image from the server it crawls down...
so, since the pc is in vmware, i've tried to change the driver to e1000,
wich didn't seems to help
i've also recompiled the latest e1000.ko for my server, wich didn't help

so, what to look ? server shows no error, it's just slow when I image
from it...