I have recently set up OES2 and am trying to get it functioning without errors before transferring all our server data over from Netware 4.11.

When I login, the first time I get "Connection to server was terminated". If I try again then I am able to connect. I have the server set as a hostname with the IP and hostname in the workstation hosts file (WinXPpro).

During installation of OES2 the default option was to leave SLP disabled with the help stating that it was only required for running a cluster of 3 or more servers. We have one, therefore SLP is disabled. My understanding is that if I connect directly to the IP address then SLP should not be required.

At seemingly random intervals the server drops out. If I attempt to copy a whole directory of files, then it will get part way through then lose connection to the resource. At this time, I am then unable to browse any resources on the server. iManager also cannot find the server at these times. The connection re-establishes itself after anything from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
This all sounded like a hardware issue ie cable? so I replaced the crappy old network cable with a new CAT6 cable.

The speed of copying files is also rather slow at around 2MB / minute!

What do I check next?