Client 4.91/SP4

After moving broker and manager to another context and creating a bunch
of new PAs and enabling them for iPrint, some users get winsock error
10101 when attempting to install a printer. Doesn't matter if install
is via iPrint page or iPrntCmd, result is the same.

Older PAs that were installed via RPM still work.

So far, the only work around has been to recreate the user profile in

UserBOB gets the winsock error. UserFRED logs in to Bob's PC, a new
profile is created and Fred can install printers. Bob logs in again,
and can see the printer is install, but for him its status is
'unavailable' in 'Printers and Faxes'. Fred can log back in and it
works just fine.

Clearly a workstation-based problem, but how to fix without having to
recreate user profiles for all these users?