For some really odd reason, which I cannot fathom, I am getting two Login Results boxes.

I'm only asked to login once, of course, and this has happened only recently, after trying to get Vista into a state where I can install Vista SP1.

I still can't get Vista SP1 installed, and I'm fairly convinced it is either a Novell Client or a GroupWise client issue that is stopping it. However, that is the subject of a support call to MS, who will either identify the problem or tell me how to fix it. I'm just trying to put you in the picture as to what is going on.

I've tried uninstalling all Novell clients and deleting anything relating to Novell in Vista's registry, but reinstalling the Novell client still brings up two results boxes. I tried turning off the results box, but then the login script wouldn't work.

Thanks for your help.