I really hope someone can give me an idea as to where to look to solve this problem. We are preparing to remove a netware 6.5.6 server from our tree permanently. However, we need to keep it around for a few weeks before "nuking" it just for backup purposes. But we don't want anyone accessing it in anyway.

When we turn the server off, our clients are still trying to attach to the server. On a regular workstation, this is not a big deal. But we have a lot of users who come in through citrix. This "error" is causing the citrix login process to stop and eventually time out and fail.

The users have no drive mappings to the server. The clients are set to simply log into the tree/context and no preferred server is chosen. I've removed the R/W replica of the tree from the server so that no replica is now present. Yet when the server is turned off, the clients still seem to want it to exist.

What could I be missing? We do have another server that is acting as an SLP server. Could it be trying to send requests to this downed server?