Newbe here so bear with me...

I just setup an SLES10 box and on that have setup a Virtual Machine with OES2. When I setup the virtual machine, I had trouble adding the OES component (which includes NCP ofcourse) because for some reason it couldn't see the CD for what it was when I tried to swap it.

So I added OES later (from the ISO file) and added the machine to an existing e-directory (mixed Netware/Linux) tree (no this was not the first linux box in that tree hehe).

After that, I added the NCP Component and ran the online update to make sure everything was tick-ina.

Alas, I can't create volumes or do anything else with NCP. Any attempt to do so returns "Failed Completion". Even when I do "ncpcon stats" it just says "failed completion".

I've surfed the web for a 2 hours...can't find anything...how do I troubleshoot this, or what could the cause be?