After being stressed out with the new zcm im starting to pick up on the little things and liking it a bit!. Plus after getting your head around making a change, then incrementing version number then refresh device/policies then you start to see what your doing is actually working!.

Anyway!, if i restrict a group policy for a student for example so they cannot use registry editing tools do i need to create a counter policy for an admin so they can?. Its just that the admin policy is being applied but as the restrict registry tools is not configured in the admin policy i think its being carried over from the restricted student policy somehow (on the same machine).

So my question is for every restriction i set on a student policy, do i need to set a counter restriction for an admin policy or should 'not configured' work as an allow.

I hope im making sense there. Anyhow hope someone can help - im about to go for a pint so its not a major problem right now!.

Many thanks