Migrating a Netware DHCP Server. After some tinkering in the Yast migtation utilities, the migration occured. Starts up, I see the subnet objects, etc , in ConsoleOne. But....
Looks like I have an issue with the DHCP Locator object. An earlier OES2 install, I had ticked DHCP server. Didn't catch that it did more than just install the packages. A new dhcpLocator object was created lower down in the tree. The Migration utility has bound this dhcp server to that dhcplocator object instead of the one at the top level of the tree that contains all the netware dhcp servers.
So... that being said. The java dns/dhcp app doesn't recognize the new dhcp server at all. Imanager 2.7 can see it if I point the scope to that new, unwanted dhcpLocator object. That same newer imanager does not see the older dhcplocator object at the top of the tree that the netware dhcp servers are linked to. The older imanager (from netware 6.5) does see that older dhcplocator, can use it as a scope.
Neither imanager can manage the new dhcp server.
Any thoughts?