Hello, I have tree with Netware 6.0 and OES 2 Linux (master replica). I am
trying to add another third OES 2 Linux server to the tree, but while "Wait
for eDirectory to respond to LDAP requests" is being done, then message
box "Unable to bind to eDirectory through LDAP" is shown and the
configuration fails.

Details window then shows (important statements only):
Warning: the machine hosting the target server has time ahead of the time on
this machine...
Extending schema..Done
Configuring HTTP service ... Done
Configuring LDAP service ... Done
Configuring SNMP service ... Failed to configure SNMP service: no such entry
Configuring SAS service ... Failed to configure SAS service: no such
attribute err=-603
Associating certificate with the NCP server object..
Warning 603: Failed to obtain connection to the local server

Error -603: Unable to associate a certificate with the NCP server object....
Configuring NMAS service... done
Configuring LDAP server with default SSL certificateDNS certificate ...Done
The instance at .... is successfully configured

Can you help me please? Thx, Jakub