a customer started using iFolder 3 on OES1.
They have strict security policies and want the iFolder client to connect to the iFolder server with a custom certificate.
This certificate is checked by the firewall, if a connection does not have this certificate, then they cannot pass the firewall. So for external users with iFolder we should get that certificate in some way into the iFolder client.
It's not the webclient, the normal iFolder client.
When you logon the first time you get a question to accept a certificate.
Is it possible to install a custom certificate at a workstation that the iFolder client can use to connect and sync with the iFolder server?
Has anyone done this before?
If it's possible, what do you have to do at the client side?, or is it using the certificates stored in Internet explorer or Firefox?
(they use WinXP, Vista and MAC)

Paul Van der Cruyssen