I have a test server and an XP Pro PC, I can login using the Novell client using an IP address for the server, but when I do login I am challenged for a local user account. Not so great to have to login twice and manually setup a user account on the client PC. So, installed the DLU (Dynamic Local User) pGina feature in SBE. My problem is that this seems only to work for the admin users under the organisation container, I have created a new user in a sub-container called users, but can't seem to login with that with pGina client. From memory the DLU feature was part of Zenworks or Portal Services not sure which (over 3 years ago when I last did this on a terminal services machine), do I still have to somehow 'switch on' DLU to a group/user or container or should this now be seemless? if so is it a consoleone attribute or imanager, in fact, if someone could send a link on how to setup client logins with DLU on SBE that would be cool!