I noticed a similar thread for this issue, but my case is a little different.

On a WinXP Professional desk top with the NW client 4.91sp4 and traditional NetWare File Server at the sp6 level (and some post sp6 patches), I'm moving to the world of iPrint.

On the NDPS printer agent, I've enabled iPrint support on my existing NDPS printers. Then while logged in as a local Admin at the desk top I install the iPrint client, the needed iPrinters, then delete the NDPS printers to leave only the iPrint versions of the printers.

When the user (not a local Admin) logs back in, the NDPS printers dutifully reappear, and one of them chooses to be the default printer (even though one of the iPrint printers was selected).

I've gone through the Windows registry to remove all traces of the NDPS printers, leaving only printers with the ipp in their URL. But, after the user logs back in, the NDPS printers are back.

We have ZFD 6.5, but no policy to push printers anywhere to anybody. Nor is there any place where members of a container automatically get a printer installed.

I've tried moving the C:\NDPS\CRVR_TMP directory and allowing a new one to be created. Still the printers reappear. I wonder if I were to remove the NDPS portion of the client, could/would the printers reappear? That's a little bit heavy handed, I'd lke to automate the process in the future.

So, for now, I'm looking for an answer. All questions and ideas are welcome.