I have a Windows 2000 SP4 fully patched PC running Novell Client 4.91 SP4.
The Network Protocol is IP and IPX, otherwise the Novell installation is the default. The DELL Optiplex GX150 has plenty of free hard disk space and 512MB RAM but is an old low spec. machine.

Novell is used to provide access to several web drives.

After the Novell login is complete the computer runs normally except when 'My computer' is opened. At this point the PC sometimes blue screens, then automatically reboots. On those occaisions when accessing 'My Computer' is successful, 'My Computer' can be opened and closed without further problems. i.e. the crash either happens the first time 'My Computer' is opened or not at all.

If the web drives are removed at the Server, then there are no problems at the client computer. As soon as a single web drive is replaced the client PC starts to exhibits intermittent blue screens. The Client computer's Event log shows no relevant error messages. I can login to Novell on my own computer using the same account details. The login is slow but otherwise without problems.

Would an older version of the client be any better? I have re-installed the latest Novell client and also installed the latest network card driver but as a novice I don't know what else to do. The computer does not have a firewall installed and has very little software other than MS Office 2003. If the PC is used as 'Workstation only' i.e. without Novell, there are no problems. The computer has been used with Novell without problems for quite some time but has recently had Windows 2000 re-installed.

Can anyone suggest a possible solution?

Many thanks.