I recognize the dizzying array of choices out there, but I'm trying to get a
sense of direction in moving from DAS to SAN.

I apologize in advance for the incorrect use of terminology. Being new to
this arena, I expect that I will use the wrong term on occasion, but I hope
that the gist of my questions/statements will be understood.
I also apologize for the length of the post.

All told, I'm currently at about 1.5TB of DAS spread between six servers
running Netware 6 SP5. It's the usual array of files and GroupWise servicing
around 400 users..
I need to double my storage space and provide room for future growth. The
ability to cluster will come into my future plans.

All servers are at the same physical location, on the same IP subnet, so I'm
not dealing with a very complex infrastructure.
Given my modest needs, I'm not interested in anything beyond moderate
expandability. My guess is that anything around 9TB will be beyond plenty.
There's also a distinct possibility of needing to add Windows and Linux
servers to the mix.

In going through all the posts in the NW6/OES storage and clustering forums,
I've seen posts regarding order-of-preference with some of the more familiar
names in SAN (Xiotech, HP,IBM, StorageTek, EMC).
I've seen a lot of praise for Xiotech.
I've seen Tim's recent advisement regarding the limitations of NetApp FAS
In addition to the SAN vendors listed above, I've been looking at companies
like Infortrend, Compellent, Hitachi and LSI (Stor-AGE).

Having said all that, here are my questions.

The first obvious one is: Is there any site where I can get in-depth
information on SAN's?
I've googled and wikipedia'd myself all over the web looking at various
pieces of info, but I'm always looking for info sources.

Within the context of all servers using the same SAN array, how flexible are
SANs when it comes to being able to add resources to a LUN or to a disk
group (I apologize if terminology is incorrect)?
Is this a vendor-specific area or do all SAN's operate in the same fashion?

Regarding the different host interface/drive interface combinations (FC-FC
With the cost difference between the two, is there anything radically
superior in performance and reliability to recommend FC drives over SAS

Are 2nd gen SATA drives at the point where they are truly a viable
alternative to SAS for primary storage considerations?
Virtually all SAN vendors offer SATA-based arrays, but they seem to relegate
them to tier 2, so I'm unsure as to whether using SATA for my one-and-only
storage is truly feasible.
I have an inherent distrust of SATA reliability under heavy usage, but I
recognize the possibility of that bias being rooted in the past and that it
may not be reflective of current SATA technology.

Will my end users realize any performance difference?
While I recognize that DAS transfer speeds are higher than that of
SAN-server, my network infrastructure is 100Mbps.
Doesn't that represent a larger bottleneck to the user than how data reaches
my servers from whatever is being used for data storage?

What would you choose: Many smaller drives vs. fewer large drives when
populating the SAN with disks (e.g. twenty 73GB drives vs. ten 146GB
Cost is obviously a consideration, but I'm also asking from a standpoint of
system performance and the impact of a single drive failure (rebuild time).
On a related note, is there a universal limit in SAN regarding the smallest
LUN that one can create, or is this a vendor-specific issue

I lean towards FC, since I'm not eager to move from NW6 (yes, I know that I
will eventually have to) and the geek in me likes the various advantages
that FC seems to have over iSCSI (boot from SAN), but I haven't completely
ruled out iSCSi.

I've read many accounts of people purchasing equipment and then being unable
to sell/transfer it due to a vendor's licensing restrictions.
Do all companies incorporate licensing schemes on the major SAN components
or is that tied to the management software?
In a relatively small environment such as mine, how involved must the
software be for having the ability to expand the storage space without
interrupting access?

Given the sheer quantity of SAN companies on the market, rather than ask for
specific brand recommendations, perhaps my question should be: Are there any
brands that you would recommend avoiding? Obviously any company has the
occasional lemon, but are there any companies that consistently produce
shoddy gear or the exhibit proof that they just "don't get it"?

Thanks in advance,