We recently had a 6.5 server lose its sys volume along with all associated data. I was able to get the server back up and reconnect to the data volumes but printing now needs to be addressed. This server originally housed the NDPS Manager for the local context, and was connected to a broker in another context. I have manually re-added to the properties of the printer the server volume information that was removed when the server object was removed from NDS for DR. The issue now is that the original Manager is still there along with all PA's, but if I try to load it the same way as always on the server I get the following error:

The object ".whs_ndps.whs.utsc" that was selected is not an NDPS Manager.
Program execution cannot continue normally.

I can't think of how to fix this and doesn't seem like anything is in the KB. I was intending on having it rebuild the database from NDS but I cannot get to the option at all. Any advice on what this error means or how to get printing back up again?