Today I removed a test server from my tree, and the following objects
(followed by server name) were left behind in C1:

LDAP Server - servername
LDAP Group - servername
SNMP Group - servername

EMAIL/SYS/VOL1 were volumes I had created.

I uninstalled by NWCONFIG and removing DS, and choose ESC to NOT keep the

Did I miss some step? Or is this normal? Should I just delete the objects
manually in C1?

I also have a GroupWise secondary domain object showing there but not in the
GroupWise view, I followed the domain removal instructions (well before
removing DS) so not sure why this is still in NDS. The post office object
was also there but I was able to delete it. I can't delete the domain
object, it says:
>>> (Error -629) The object being deleted or modified is not a leaf object.
>>> A container object that does not contain any objects is considered a
>>> leaf object, and therefore cannot be deleted.
>>> The object domainname could not be deleted

I can refer this last question to the GW forums if you prefer.