I have created my first OES2 linux server, which appeared to work fine, even though I had to use the text interface becasue our Avocent smart switch put an display error message up slap over all the prompts in the gui. It is part of an existing Netware 6.5 OES2\eDir 8.8.2 network.

I cannot get it to communicate with the Novell Communications Centre through our existing BorderManager server (although I have confgured the proxy and Firefox\internet works) so it has not yet been licensed in any sense. Can't find out what's wrong here.

Then I mistakenly installed the OES2 components without spotting the fact that you nneed to do eDir first by itself, and during that process it gave errors during the NSS install, could not create NSS Admin object and NSS Volumes.

Tried the installation again and this time got no errors but still no objects in NDS, and no NSS icon in the OES2 section of YAST.

Its a single disc (hardware RAID 5) server with EVMS configured.