PXE Boot

Ok, 3 ZCM servers in our current setup...

Office 1 : vnetehzcm01,
Office 2 : vnetehzcm99,
Office 3 : vnetwwzcm01,

All 3 boxes have Proxy DHCP, TFTP, preboot policy server, and preboot services running on them.

DHCP scopes are all configured on DHCP to point to the closest server for imaging.

on PXE Boot, machines in Office 1 or 2 connect to Novell Preboot Server (correct), but then line below it says "UD" and it looks like the linux kernel gets loaded from here.

on PXE boot, machines in Office 3 connect to Novell Preboot Server (correct), but again, the line below says "UD" and again looks like the linux kernel comes from there (over the WAN so quite slow)

DHCP Scope options have been set for 060, 066, 067 to point to the IP of the closest server.

Is there some way we can stop them trying to connect back to the zcm99 box, and just get all the required files/preboot files from the local server? If i stop the preboot services on the ZCM99 box, then all imaging fails...