Our department uses an old bridge design program that still uses the LPT1 designation to output to a printer. Previously we were using the Novell Print Capture window successfully but got changed over to iPrint. Accordingly we switched to using the iCapture feature which seems to work well but intermittently.

Lately, several users have gotten an error on login stating "NIPPLPTE.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close". Also when printing from the bridge design program, sometimes it work but othere times there is no error but nothing comes out until the user does a complete system shutdown/restart (XP, SP2 and Novell 4.91). Then the print job prints and will continue to work for awhile.

The event viewer shows an error on startup for nipplpte.exe, faulting module nipplib.dll, version 4.2 if that helps any. Any help in solving this mystery would be appreciated.

PS: I personally don't have any ability to change the server settings, just help the user from being frustrated with having the shutdown/restart to get his prints. But I can forward the message on to others who have more control over this. Thanks again.