Netware 6.5 SP6
Client 4.91 ver.
ZfD 4.01 rel. 7
Workstation OS: WinXP Prof. SP2

The default settings of Bad server=Enabled and Bad Server Cache Timeout=300 prevented some workstations from receiving file distribution and application launching. As soon as I disabled the bad server and set the cache timeout to 0, those workstations began receiving the distribution. The problem I'm having is that other workstations with this new settings do not want to receive the distribution. So when I set it back to default or any other settings, it will then distribute again. Some workstations will receive and one day suddenly stop receiving. It's very frustrating because I need to set a standard for all machines. I'm not certain if the Bad Server settings are the issue here and it could be a combination of other client settings.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.