Hi... we are attempting to lock down our 200 users with the NAR (Network Address Restriction) functionality on NWclient 4.91 sp4 and sp2. Our network still runs IPX for 1 legacy app, but all stations also run IP & we are a Nw6 Sp5 house.
Since starting the project, I have had a few users that have had issues locking down the IP address. When the station is rebooted, the client states that the user is not permitted to login to this workstation.
I have verified the stations IP address and even re-installed the client, but the issues continue...
Could it be I need to run a specific DSRepair on a server to fix the issue ?
We run DSRepairs each weekend, but almost always get 0 errors

Also, and this is the kicker ... last weekend we had a power failure, that dropped our 2 * 48 port switches (Netgear GS748t).
When almost all of our staff tried to re-login to the network, they all got NAR errors related to incorrect Username to IP restrictions.
We had to de-associate all affected users so they could login again ...
My boss is now looking at me to fix the issue, and I am lost on were to seek help, without calling Novell directly ..

Due to the fact that these workstations have both IPX & IP on them, is there a need for me to include an IPX lock down?? I am sure that 1 NAR should be enough to limit a users access to the station ...

Any help would be great ..


Paul Jamieson
Toronto, Canada