We are using the Novell Client for Vista Update 4 and logging in over wireless. When the laptop is first booted up and at the login screen, it takes about 30 seconds longer to fully connect to the wireless network. When a user logs in before that connection is fully active they receive a message saying the "Tree or Server Can Not Be Found."

I've gone into the Novell Client Properties - Advanced Login - Server Connection Retries and changed the number of retries to 60 thinking that the client would retry several times without coming back with the "Tree or Server can not be found" error, but the error still comes up immediately after typing in the username/password and pressing Enter if the wireless connection is not fully up. After about 30 - 45 seconds, the client logs in correctly.

Is there any way to make it so the Client keeps trying to make the connection without showing any errors and log the user in as soon as the server is available?

Thanks in advance.