I have followed the instructions on previous threads to install the
Novell client on openSuse 10.3


I also went to the below link and received the latest novfs and
downloaded it to my desktop and right clicked on it and had yast install.


My novell client now comes up without any errors. Initially when I
entered the advanced tab and clicked on Tree I was asked to configure
SLP and or the firewall which I did. Now I can search for the tree and
select it and I can search for a server and select a server without a
problem. But when I click on Context under the Advanced tab I receive a
"Novell Security Message, Cannot Access Tree". So basically since I
cannot enter in my context I cannot login. I tried putting it my
username, ie. doej.users.tree but this did not work either. I turned
off my firewall to see if this had anything to do with it and that made
no difference.

Any ideas?