I have installed NOWS SBE and during the install I get a warning that
XServer cannot be installed and subsequently does not start after the
installation is complete:

"The graphical interface could not be started. The required packages were
not installed (minimal installation) or graphics card not properly

"I cannot start the X Server (Your graphical interface). It is likely that
it is not setup correctly. Would you like to view the Xserver output to
diagnose the problem?"

"Undefined input device mouse
Fatal IO Error 104
No Screens found.

I have tried another mouse (usb) with no luck. The previous mouse was a
ps/2 mouse.

On my very first install Xserver was installed without issue and the gui
would start normally. Nothing has changed hardware-wise so I'm not sure
what is causing the inability for X Server to start.

Please help, I am a total Linux newb coming over from Netware so let me know
if you need anymore information.