My Environement.
2 Netware servers
- Server1= Netware 6SP4 (IP and IPX, DNS and DHCP, DHCP gives value 78)
- Server2= Netware 65SP7 (IP only, SLPDA)
Single tree, single context.
Clients = Windows XP SP2 with Novell Client 4.91SP4. (test pcs have not antivirus on them)
Switches are 3Com series 4000 switches (We had to disable STP and Multicast filtering to get IP to display tree info, otherwise no tree found)
Switches are running latest firmware dated of 11 months ago.
Single subnet, no VLANs no routers.
Cabling is good.

When in IPX login screen give tree info within a second.
When in TCPIP login screen takes nearly 30 seconds to reveal server info.
Data transfer rates, 400MB transfers in 65 seconds in TCPIP and transfers in 45 seconds in IPX.

What we have tried.
As stated before, we disabled SpanningTreeProtocol on and IGMP multicast filtering on switches, this helped some but not enough.
We have disabled AV software on servers, no difference in performance.
We configured an SLPDA although and added value to DHCP options, no improvements.

What we think the problem is.
We think the managed switches are blocking SLP or something and causing authentication issues. We just don't understand why IPX is faster than IP on these servers...

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.