When a user password expires normally they get prompted to change their password anda fter changing their password they get logged right into the computer.

If the password is expired manually using ConsoleOne. We just set the password date to something in the past. The users still gets prompted to change there password. This time after they change it the user gets sent back to the novell login screen to login again. The password is changed and works.

We like this feature because we are syncing passwords with AD and we have an application called Appstream that doesn't recognize the changed password when the users logs right in after changing the password. Logging off and logging back in is required.

In the second senario mentioned above if we expire the password and the user then changes the password and doesn't get logged right in but is rather taken back to the Novell login screen appstream will work fine with out logging off and logging back in.

I am not sure why this happens when we manually expire the password but I would like to be able to force this functionality when the password expires at its normal time.

Any help on how to make this happen would be great.