I have an OES2 Linux DHCP server that fails to start. The dhcpd.conf file looks accurate but when I run "rcdhcpd start" the result is "Cannot find LDAP entry matching (&(objectClass=dhcpServer)(cn=DHCP_keene-oes))".

I have a another OES2 Linux server in a different ou in the same tree and DHCP works fine, although initially I did have to correct an error in the dhcpd.conf file as a result of having used the "NeWare DHCP Migrate" tool.

I have tried deleting and re-creating the dhcp"Service" object and the dhcp"Server" object but it made no difference. I also moved the "dhcpLocator" object and the "DHCPGroup" object to the root partition but it did not make any difference either.

iManager 2.7 works fine creating or editing any of these DHCP object properties...no trouble creating DHCP subnets or pools. The DHCP"Service" is correctly assigned to the DHCP"Server".

Any insights would be appreciated.