We have taken a Dell Optiplex 745 and removed all partitions (leaving the
Zen 6.5 ISD intact). Installed Vista and then applied all Vista updates
(not sp1 of course). Created an account on Vista that also exists in
edirectory. Installed the "Novell client for Vista 1.0" and then applied
Novell client patch 4 for Vista. Then installed the network version of
the ZCM adaptive agent from server. The machine then renames itself and
then brings in a new workstation device into the ZCM server database.
The problem is when we push this image out to another machine and login
we get a "red x" on the network connection and we are unable to "manage"
network settings. This user does not see the "local area connection".
It shows up as unknown and access is denied error messages. We are also
having other issues like not being able to install office from an NSS
volume on this same machine.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Is there any best practice guides we can follow or should this be just
straight forward?