Hi everyone, I would like to know how you guy's are handling migration. A small business want to have nows-sbe, for now their mail, web site etc.. are hosted with other company and they would like to manage their services..

We don't have a lot of experiences with small business and I would like to know how you are doing this, tools, trick and documentation!

-They have their mail on a IMAP or POP server, I want to get all those mail and transfert them to their respective new mailbox on groupwise.

-Their website will be hosted localy, so do you know if nows-sbe can do this easyly ? I mean php mysql and everything? is it possible to manage apache with the web based configuration tool ?

-when a company buy nows-sbe, I know they can install up to 5 servers, but what if it's not in the same location ? I mean one in canada, one in us etc...

-If this company was working with exchange what's the tool I need to migrate this, and is it free ?

Voila! There's few question but it could be very nice to know how you handle thos situation!!