I am rolling out a few dozen new Windows XP sp2 machines. At some point during the rollout (they're patched, locked down, software installed, etc.) the mapped drives change to read "disconnected network drive". BUT, they are not really disconnected, since you can double-click on the drive and see the associated files and folders. However, what you can't do is map any new network drives, whether through Windows or the N on the task tray. Also, I've noticed that you can no longer see the Netware tree, context or server under Novell Connections in My Network places, nor can you see the Netware Services/Netware Servers, Netware Directory Services in My Network Places.
The clients do log into the network successfully. It's very strange. I'm still running the 4.90 SP2 client. This isn't anything that's affecting my existing SP2 clients, or my Windows 2000 clients, only these brand new machines. Could it be a patch file, or a network card driver? I think all these new systems are using Intel Gigabit network cards.

Anybody seen this before or have any ideas what's the cause?