In OUR setup:

I have 32 HP BL465c blades. All identical. All have (4) 1 GB modules
in them. Dual-Core Xeon 3.0 GhZ. All currently run NetWare 6.5.6

The question I have is, when we upgrade/migrate to OES 2 Linux, should I
go 64-bit or 32-bit?

Software that we CURRENTLY run:

1) GroupWise 7.0.3
2) McAfee NetShield (will replace with LinuxShield which does support
64-bit on SLES 10 and OES 2 according to the website)
3) iPrint
4) eDirectory 8.8
5) IDM 3.5.0 (probably upgrade to 3.5.1 shortly)
6) ZfD 7 SP1 IR1 HP2
7) Apache2, NetStorage, NRM, and iMangler
8) NetBackup 6.0 MP5 (yes, we know we will have to use NetBackup 6.5.x
for OES2)

I believe all the OES2 stuff will either run natively on 64-bit or use
32-bit "mode" (not sure if that's the right word).

Am I doing to regret running 64-bit? Do I need it? Should I do it? My
only experience is on SLED 10 and Windows XP and I regretted using 64-
bit of those OS because I constantly found hardware or software that
wouldn't work with it. But I imagine HP Blade servers would be