I had this issue pre 10.0.3 and i thought (hoped) this fix would sort it but sadly hasn't.


Student logs into a PC, gets all policies except the group policy, or the student has logged in before and a cached policy gets applied which is not the current incremented policy number. All i need to do to fix this is right click the agent icon, click refresh policies then hey presto the policy comes down (but only partly works!!).

I then need to do a GPUPDATE on the machine to apply it in full, our college is going to vista this summer and i cant believe something so silly is stopping this from working - i could be doing something stupid.

I suppose i could put something in a container login script (we arent a AD house we are edirectory) that does a zac refresh and a gpupdate but surely the client should be doing this for me?.

Any help would be really appreciated.