!@@#$!!!! Honestly now can't we just !@#$%^ forget the fricken 1990's? I
mean !@#$ man. The one of the worst groups of all time came back and
that's the fricken Spice Girls... Honestly Brittan can take them back we
don't $%#@%ing wwant them! And now The New Kids On the Block are back?!!
Are you $41++ing me? Honestly you guys are fricken 40? Kids? Are you
trhat broke that you fricken want to grace us with your inability to
sing? Please do us all a favor and SHUT THE !!@#$$ UP and leave us

After hearing my cousin sing The Right Stuff... I want to dig my hear
drums out with a spork and use a dull knife and give my self a !@#ing

Thanks for listening...

And Now I realize I AM OLD.... Not as old as Lunker, and sure as not old
as Shaun...No one can be that old....Shaun invented dirt and boy
bands....He's credited that on wikipedia.

And what's !@#$ign next A Punky Bruister and Different strokes reunion?