I have read some documentation but I 'm not an expert.
Please can someone help me?

I have netware 6.5 sp6 and I'm not sure that I can install audit.
I' d like to track who has logged and in and out , and what time they logged in and out into their workstaions.

If I have understand well , the only solution for this is to install Audit.
Is it correct?

Is "novell audit 2.0.2 starter pack" the same product named "Novell Nsure® Audit Starter Pack Server"?

I have read that "Novell Nsure® Audit Starter Pack Server" has been removed and so it
can no longer be selected.
Is it correct?

if it is possible to install "novell audit 2.0.2 starter pack" into my server
must I download only the file named "novell_autdit_202starter_netware.exe"?
is it correct ?
It isn't necessary the license. is it true?

I can not purchase the full package so the starter pack what can do ?

Please give me some suggestions in simple words ....

Please is there someone that give me the steps that I must do for install and configure the audit?

thanks for your patience
Excuse me for my poor english, I'm italian.

thanks for all