we have ZEN7sp1hp2 in use.

a long time ago, we had zen6.5xxx from that time we had the solution, if we change the ip address from an workstation, we must use the tool from the cool solution called ZE.EXE with the switch -clear, to delete the ZISD infos from the workstation, because after the change from the ip address, it was not transmiited to the ZISD infos.
so we start ze.exe -clear, still over 2 years, we use the new zen version 7.

my question is, do we need the ze.exe always in zen 7? to clear the zisd infos.

check with ze the zisd infos, are correct. workstation network configuration change the ip and save it, after ws new start, the infos are correct inserted into zisd.

writing garbage in the zisd editor, save it and restart the worksation, the infos are correct in the zisd again.

it did not look like we use this tool anymore for ip address changing on the workstation.

did anybody else use it for the workstation after change ip address?