I have ten or so separate networks all running NSBS 6.5 each with about 10 to 50 users
Actually the servers are all running NetWare 657 and GroupWise 702 (Haven't tried SP3 yet)
I should at this stage emphasise that I'm really very happy and familiar with the NetWare platform
I have 20 years experience with NetWare but the last time I looked at anything remotely like Linux was in the late 80's and it was called Xenix
Anyway it seems with the imminent demise of NetWare I guess I should really be looking to upgrade each of these servers to the latest O/S but I'm totally baffled with what seems to be available and what to do with it !
And I'm just talking about from Novell at this stage
On my desk I have copies of the following all recently sent to me by Novell with little or no indication of which or which not to use as follows;
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 DVD1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 CDs 1-6
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP1 CDs 1-3
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 CD
Novell eDirectory v8.7.3 for Linux
Novell GroupWise 7 Administrator for Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SLES-10-SP1 CDs 1-4
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 OES2-i386 CD1

My guess is that I probably don't need most of these so first some advice on what to chuck would be useful
Next which product should I be choosing from Novell to cater for the above servers ?
Is the NOWS solution the correct option ?
I seem to have acquire a 5 user licence for this along the way
But maybe this isn't appropriate, I'm confused
Next Some help regarding required media and versions
Finally a recommendation of an idiot's guide to installation would probably be appropriate since I think we must consider this as totally new territory for me
Any help to get me going would be very much appreciated
Of course I have spare servers to play with, and plenty of time to make all the required mistakes ;-)