For those who have seen the news 2 super cells came through my area
about an hour apart.

I was lucky as the worst parts slid north. south or hopped over my
home. Unfortunatly this was not the case every where else. A tornado
dropped just east of me ripped through Coon Rapids, hopped and pounded
Hugo. >100 homes were damaged in that one item alone. I have seen
pictures of homes gone. Only the foundation/basement is left. 1 child
dead, MANY injured and 20 people missing (hoped at this time that they
are out of town).

Hail up to baseball size pounded some areas as well. I personally only
saw pea sized hail. Some places had enough hail to shovel.

I did get deluged with rain. rates was up to 5"/hour.

The storm is in eastern Wisconsin now. I hope it dropped in intensity
after crossing the border!

Forest Lake (a little north of Hugo) looked like it got pounded with
hail. Miles you OK?

Timothy Leerhoff
Novell Volunteer Sysop
"Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others gargle"