I was testing the other day at my fav testing place - and I noticed.....


Seriously, no one testing, very few people taking computer classes....
I dug around and noticed most computer training places in my city have folded.

I asked the girl at the front desk, "how many cert tests do you guys perform any more?". She replied "not too many, maybe a couple a week".

Now I realize this isn't the late 90's when IT was the flavor of the week, but without us the world would crumble (no I don't have the "IT God complex").

Are we just not "hip" anymore, or are we just taken for granted?
Sure we took a huge hit by the "I can make big money in computers" people, but haven't us die hard, bore and bred info people recovered our industry from that yet?

I guess I've been holed away working on my network so long, that looking up from my keyboard is a bit of a shock. I think I'll go back to typing