It seems as though with the increase of gas prices the quality of
support has decreased.

I've had a problem with my Astaro firewall since I upgraded to v7 of the
software and contacted support. They sent one e-mail asking me to check
some stuff and since then they haven't responded to any of my e-mails.
I've been reading in their forums about the problem and apparently they
have chosen to ignore everybody. At this time I'm not suggesting
anybody buy Astaro products especially if it has v7 of the software and
don't upgrade yet either.

Now on to my next support complaint. I've been using SHI to purchase
our Corel licenses and Symantec licenses. My sales rep, while nice,
just doesn't seem to be all the good at getting back to me in a timely
fashion with any usable results. I won't say it's all him though. It's
quite possible that he is unable to get the desired responses from his
suppliers. However, whatever the reason it cost him a sale of AV
software. I chose to forgo SHI/symantec and buy NOD32 direct. Prolly a
better chose anyway.

However, what makes me upset is that I requested his help in finding
someone to contact at Corel about getting the latest version of WP and
I've gotten nothing in response. A simple ok e-mail would suffice.

Even worse. As I sit here and write this I am also under the realization
that the support and service we offer at my office is substandard at the
moment. However, we realize this and are working to greatly improve it.


The support I've received from the people around the Novell forums has
been outstanding. It's been accurate and speedy. Novell has such a
great community.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant