I was looking to put together a media pc of sorts when I came across this
very neat, but that only does the netflix downloadables. I know from when I
demo'ed them awhile back they have a windows client, and I know there are
some other video websites out there (most seem to work fine with winderz,
not sure about these all in linux or on a mac), such as
http://www.hulu.com (openhulu probably isnt needed these days?)
youtube/google video type sites
bbc has the iplayer
abc has thier most popular shows on "hdcast" (I am guessing nbc/cbs have
slingplayer client if I ever happen to get one,

My question is, does anyone know of any other good (legal) streaming media
sites like the above? Or if you have a mediacenter what all do you have on
it for media or media related hardware?