Pulling my hair out here and I don't have that much left so I really need a clue!
Running iFolder 2.13 on nw6sp5
internal dns configured so ifolder.mydomain.com resolves to the ip address of the server.
External dns configured to resolve to natted server
Problem is both internal and external.
I have checked the httpd.conf, adminserv.conf, httpd_ifolder_nw.conf and jave.htm to ensure the correct ports are being referenced.
I have also checked the iFolder_server properties in C1 to ensure they list the correct ports.
Bordermanager is configured as a cache DNS server and I can ping the iFolder server by domain name both internally and externally and they resolve to the correct IP addresses.
I have attempted to connect via http as well as https.
At this time, I'm only working on the internal issues, external access will come after I get this thing working internally.