I ran into this problem after my upgrade to 10.0.3 and thought others could
benefit from what I learned.

I updated to 10.0.3 on three primary servers. The update went well on two
servers, but on the third server after a reboot, I received a 404 page not
found error when accessing the ZCC. We found that one file was missing
during the update, adminui.jar at
%zenworks_home%\share\tomcat\webapps\zenworks\WEB-INF\lib. I copied the
adminui.jar file from one of the working server to this location, restarted
the zenworks server service (along with the zenworks agent and loader
services) and was able to access the ZCC on the troubled server.

After speaking with a Novell support engineer, a few other people have
experienced this problem and it was stated this could be a bug. I hope a
TID is written up for this :)

I decided to post this to the forums as a reference to others who may
experience this problem.

Jason L.