iFolder 2.1.8 installed on NW 6.5 (SP7) into tree where is another NW 6.5 (but SP5!) server installed, also iFolder (2.1.7) on top of it. (Master is NW 5.1.)
Everything seems to work ok (mostly we use iFolder on this server), but when I try to log in into NetStorage and try to access iFolder files (protected with encryption) then in iF (and Apache) log I see error - "LOGIN encryption mismatch" and via Web interface is offered passphrase to enter, but ... nothing helps, no access to files. No such a problem with iF access via web with no encryption, also no problem accessing also with encryption via iF client. No problem accessing files in both ways on another SP5 server. Tried regsvr (to renew registry settings), pkidiag (ok) etc., but no help.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.