I have a 4 TB SAN solution connected to 2 Compaq Severver running Netware 6.5. Each server has a dual port QLogic card loading as follows:
load QL2c00.ham slot=201 /LUNS.

I configured the 4TB with 2 Arrays, 1 is 2TB(the max the MSA1000 will allow)Raid 5 with 1 Hot swap and the other is 1.4 raid 0. The San has 14 300Gig drivers configured as above.

However, Neware only "sees" one 1 Array, the 2TB. In both Windows and Linux, I can "see" both arrays. HP Support is of no help.

Anyone had problems with this or other Fiber Optic cards not beinb able to see more than one array in the SAN?

Any ideas would be appreciated.