Is there a config file where I can change the port that each webapp application attempts to connect to tomcat?

Here is the background... I recently upgraded a server taht is running netstorage and imanager to sp7. I wanted to utilize only tomcat5 to run both apps, so I moved the netstorage directory from tomcat4 to tomcat5 and also adjusted all necessary configs to point to tomcat5. After the move, iManager was fine, but netstorage was still looking for tomcat4. I modified the tomcat5 server.xml config file to use connector port 9010 (the setting on tomcat4 server.xml file) instead of 9011. Netstorage was then happy, but now iManager is unhappy. Seems to me that each app has something telling it what port to look for the tomcat server, but I am at a standstill with this and do not see any config file where I can make the change.

Probably something simple... can someone shed some light.