Everytime I remove an Intruder Lockout with ConsoleOne, the application freezes - the hourglass icon will display endlessly and C1 will not respond to any other commands. ConsoleOne DOES remove the intruder lockout, but it never stops hour-glassing and I have to go to task manager to kill the program, then restart it.

I had this problem before, so reimaged my PC, installing c1 as the first app after the OS and drivers. I didn't have any problems then, but once I reinstalled Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, I began having the problem again.

Here are my stats -
OS: Windows XP SP2
Novell Client: 4.91 SP4
ConsoleOne: 1.3.6.h
Java: (Java 6 Update 5)
Dreamweaver: CS3 v9.0

Intel Core 2 Duo 6600@ 2.40ghz
2Gig RAM
500Gig HDD