Attempted to set up iFolder 3 in a large, old tree that's 99% netware that has been maintained well and service packed but some features haven't been installed such as universal password and such. This is the 2nd OES2 Linux server in this tree. The server install went flawlessly except for ifolder....

the iFolder yast setup hangs completely, so I went into /var/log and got the simias-server-setup command it used. After finding multiple SSL issues and SDIDiag Issues within the tree and on the LDAP servers, I'm currently stuck at this point:

Simas-server-setup command (names changed to protect the innocent)
export MONO_PATH=/opt/novell/ifolder3/lib/simias/web/bin:/usr/bin;/opt/novell/ifolder3/bin/simias-server-setup --p='/var/simias/data' --listen-port=80 --server-name= --public-url='server1' --private-url=''--use-ssl=false --slave-server=false --system-name='iFolder' --system-description='iFolder Enterprise System' --use-ldap=true --ldap-server='ldap-server' --ldap-ssl=true --ldap-admin-dn='cn=admin,o=myfolder' --system-admin-dn='cn=admin,o=myfolder'--system-admin-password=Pa$$w0rd --ldap-search-context='o=myfolder' --naming-attribute=cn --ldap-proxy-dn='cn=ifolderproxy,o=myfolder --apache=true
and the output:

Configuring /var/simias/data/simias/Simias.config...SetupSimias - Done
Configuring /etc/apache2/conf.d/simias.conf...Done
Installing certificate from ldaps://myserver/...
Unable to perform simple bind, err: 0x31
Unable to bind to LDAP!
Failed (Get Certificate)
Connecting to ldaps://myserver/...Detected errors in the Server Certificate:
The closest thing I've looked up is that this is a constant value definition named TRUST_E_BAD_DIGEST. While attempting against other LDAP servers such as the localhost, I get "Invalid Certificate".

Troubleshooting Steps
I've made sure the name I queried with matches the LDAP name in the /etc/ssl/servercerts certificate
I've recreated the certificates in eDirectory and used the YaST import common certificate method to import them on the requisite ldap servers
LDAPSEARCH -X -H 'https://myserver' with the bind username and password works just fine
Attempted to use the "SSL CertificateIP" certificates for the LDAP services and binding to those
Verified the root certificate was in the mono repository and that the certificate was correct and not expired in any way (although the CA was minted in 2002, possible compatability issue there?)
Other services use LDAP/SSL just fine, and the installation worked perfectly.
Enabled Universal Password and set a universal password for the admin user that is binding through LDAP for setup

Could it be something in NMAS? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! If no ideas I'll jump on Novell Support for it and report back.