So I just discovered that I'm getting a blank upload form with NetStorage now, and I haven't changed anything in recent memory on that copy of Apache. I don't suppose anyone has ideas on where to look to fix this?

Some notes:

OS: NetWare 6.5 SP7
Browsers tested in: FireFox 3 RC1, IE 7
Error Log file entry:
[Mon Jun 02 16:10:18 2008] [error] [client] (1)No such file or directory: XTIER: client used wrong authentication scheme `(null)': /oneNet/NetStorage, referer: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/NetStorage/contentframe.html

The IP address in questions is my workstation on my internal subnet, however I masked out the URL in the referrer, FYI.

Not really sure what it's thinking with regards to authentication schemes, because I haven't touched authentication stuff on this server in quite some time.

It looks like this problem has happened before, but that was several years ago and I doubt the fixes for those are applicable to my case. Anyone got any ideas?