Is there an equivilent tab or such in ZCM 10 as the Terminal Services
tab from Zenworks for Desktops 7?

I do not have the Remote Dekstop Users group populated on my
installation. When I create it as a Custom Group I get an "Unable to
logon Interactively (paraphrased)" error message and the users is not
being made a member of the Remote Users Group.

Worse, the Remote Users group has it's Security Policy altererd such
that it no longer is allowed to logon to Terminal Services.

The Terminal Servers are all in the same Workgroup (not AD domain) and
are running Citrix Presentation Server 4.5.

For what it is worth I have tried this on some W2K3 servers without
the Citrix component and had the same results.

Anybody throw an old dog a bone?

David Powell