I've downloaded the newest version of backup exec from symantec.com. Now the thing i am questioning is... How can i install it the right way without options i dont need or will cause errors? i already got it running on a Virtual machine but then it gives the following error: Could not locate remote object Registry on the specified host and port. Server Name =, Server IP Address =, Port = 10002 (This is the right ip address) and when i try to enter it using the server name it returns: The UnknownHostException was thrown, a java.net.UnknownHostException occurs while creating a connection to the remote host for a remote method call.

Knows (envoirment):
Windows 2003 Ent with: DNS, Active Directory, DHCP
Novell 6: Groupwise and Backup Exec
Linux: Gateway,Partition recovery

The is no problem with finding the novell server because Groupwise works within the Active Directory and on any other xp machine. Also tried the novell client... it works 2, so what did i forget or do wrong?